cartuccia 512k
top jumperbot jumperDescription: Cartrdige 512k v.1.0 

Original Concept and Special Tanks To :

James Fetzner




adapter 2732adapter 2732 02Descadapter 2732 01ription: Eprom Adapter 2532 to 2732 V.1.0

This adapter allows you to replace the two PROM U610 and U611 of your TI-99 / 4A with two Eprom 2732s, being easier to find. The adapter can be used in all repairs where you need to replace the Eprom 2532.




finalgrom99Description: The TI 99/4A FinalGROM Cartridge, or FinalGROM 99 for short, is a cartridge for the TI 99/4A home computer that allows you to run ROM and GROM cartridge images from an SD card. It succeeds the FlashROM 99 released in 2016.

link Project  Original Concept and Special Tanks To : Ralph Benzinger

link ITA  Interview with Ralph Benzinger



finalgrom99fg99Description: Finalgrom cartridge container




joy adapter 99Description: Joystick Adapter.

 Atari-style joystick adapter for use with our TI-99. The project is not mine. We just assembled the PCB and made the case in 3D.




exp 32kshell 32kramDescription: RAM Expansion 32k v.1.0

My interface is different from all those in circulation, because it only uses 3 chips and not 4 like all ! Two versions were made, the first (V.1.0) with the horizontal connector and in 2021 the version (V.2.0) with the 90 degree connector, completed by the 3D printed shell.