TMS0970 1977 CP0904A Milton Bradley Comp IV
TMS0970 1977 MP0905B Parker Brothers Codename Sector
TMS1000 1980 MP0027 tms1000 mp002724 Melody USA
TMS1000 1978 MP3310 24 Melody Italy
TMS1000 1983 MP3318 24 Melody Francemp3318
TMS1000 1983 MP3228 24 Melody Germany
TMS1000 1978 MP0057 APH Student Speech+ (same ROM contents as TSI Speech+?)
TMS1000 1979 MP0154 Fonas 2 Player Baseball
TMS1000 1979 MP0158 Entex Soccer (6003)
TMS1000 1979 MP0163 A-One LSI Match Number/LJN Electronic Concentration
TMS1000 1980 MP0166 A-One Arrange Ball/LJN Computer Impulse/Tandy Zingo (model 60-2123)
TMS1000 1979 MP0168 Conic Multisport/Tandy Sports Arena (model 60-2158)
TMS1000 1979 MP0170 Conic Football
TMS1000 1980 MP0220 Tomy Teacher
TMS1000 1980 MP0230 Entex Blast It (6015)
TMS1000 1982 MP0271 monkey seeRadio Shack Monkey See
TMS1000 1979 MP0907 Conic Basketball (101-006)
TMS1000 1979 MP0908 Conic Electronic I.Q.
TMS1000 1979 MP0910 Conic Basketball (101-003)
TMS1000 1979 MP0914 Entex Baseball 1
TMS1000 1979 MP0915 Bandai System Control Car: Cheetah/The Incredible Brain Buggy
TMS1000 1979 MP0919 Tiger Copy Cat (model 7-520)
TMS1000 1979 MP0920 Entex Space Battle (6004)
TMS1000 1979 MP0923 Entex Baseball 2 (6002)
TMS1100 1979 MP1022 Texas Instruments unknown thermostat
TMS1100 1980 MP1030 APF Mathemagician
TMS1100 198? MP1072 unknown device
TMS1470 1979 MP1133 Kosmos Astro
TMS1100 1980 MP1180 Tomy Power House Pinball
TMS1100 1979 MP1181 Conic Football 2
TMS1100 1980 MP1183 E.R.S. Superbowl XV Football/Tandy Championship Football (model 60-2151)
TMS1100 1979 MP1185 Fonas 3-in-1: Football Basketball Soccer
TMS1100 1980 MP1193 Tandy Championship Football (model 60-2150)
TMS1100 1980 MP1204 Entex Baseball 3 (6007)
TMS1100 1980 MP1209 U.S. Games Space Cruiser/Strategy Football
TMS1100 1980 MP1211/COPL44  Entex Space InvaderEntex Space Invader (6012)
TMS1100 1980   Tomy Atomic Pinball
TMS1100 1980 MP1215 Tiger Playmaker
TMS1100 1980 MP1218 Entex Basketball 2 (6010)
TMS1100 1980 MP1219 U.S. Games Super Sports-4
TMS1100 1980 MP1221 Entex Raise The Devil (6011)
TMS1100 1983 MP1231 Tandy 3-in-1 Sports Arena (model 60-2178)
TMS1100 1982 MP1296 Entex Black Knight Pinball (6081)
TMS1100 1981 MP1311 Bandai TC7: Air Traffic Control
TMS1100 1983 MP1312 Gakken FX-Micom R-165/Radio Shack Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer
TMS1100 1985 MP1359 Capsela CRC2000
TMS1170 1980 MP1525 Coleco Head to Head: Electronic Baseball
TMS1370 1982 MP1604 Gakken Invader 2000/Tandy Cosmic Fire Away 3000
TMS1700 1981 MP1801 Tiger Ditto/Tandy Pocket Repeat (model 60-2152)
TMS1370 1979 MP2105 Entex Poker (1)Gakken / Entex Poker (6005)
TMS1370 1980 MP2110 Gakken Invader/Tandy Fire Away
TMS1370 1981 MP2139 Gakken Galaxy Invader 1000/Tandy Cosmic 1000 Fire Away
TMS1040 1979 MP2726 Tomy Break Up
TMS1070 1980 MP2788 Bandai Flight Time (? note: VFD-capable)
TMS1730 1989 MP3005 Tiger Copy Cat (model 7-522)
TMS1000 1978 MP3200 Parker Brothers Electronic Master Mind
TMS1000 1977 MP3201 Milton Bradley Electronic Battleship (1977 model 4750A)
TMS1000 1979 MP3206 mr mus i calConcept 2000 Mr MUS-I-CAL
TMS1000 1977 MP3208 battaglia navaleMilton Bradley Electronic Battleship (1977 model 4750B)
TMS1000 1978 MP3226

SIMON usa (1)Miltom Bradley Simon (REV.A)

TMS1000 1979 MP3232 Fonas 2 Player Baseball (no "MP" on chip label)
TMS1000 1979 MP3260 Electroplay Quickfire
TMS1000 1979 MP3300 Milton Bradley Simon (Rev F)
TMS1000 1979 MP3301A Milton Bradley Big Trak
TMS1000 1979 MP3320A Coleco Head to Head: Electronic Basketball
TMS1000 1979 MP3321A Coleco Head to Head: Electronic Hockey
TMS1200 1979 MP3352 Tiger Sub Wars (model 7-490)
TMS1000 1981 M32001 Coleco Quiz Wiz Challenger (note: MP3398 MP3399 M3200x?)
TMS1000 1990 M32018 unknown device (have decap/dump)
TMS1000 1983 M32045B Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert (11-function) -> eva.cpp
TMS1100 1978 MP3403 Marx Electronic Bowling
TMS1100 1978 MP3404 merlin 00Merlin Parker Brothers
TMS1100 1985   Capsela CRC2000
TMS1100 1979 MP3405 amaze a tron 00Coleco Amaze-A-Tron
TMS1100 1979 MP3407 General Electric The Great Awakening (model 7-4880)
TMS1100 1978 MP3415 Coleco Electronic Quarterback
TMS1100 1979 MP3435 Coleco Zodiac
TMS1100 1979 MP3438A Kenner Star Wars Electronic Battle Command
TMS1100 1979 MP3450A microvision (5)Microvision cartridge: Block Buster
TMS1100 1979 MP3454 microvision (8)Microvision cartridge: Star Trek Phaser Strike
TMS1100 1980 MP3455 microvision (2)Microvision cartridge: Pinball
TMS1100 1979 MP3457 microvision (6)Microvision cartridge: Mindbuster
TMS1100 1979 MP3460 Coleco Head to Head: Electronic Football
TMS1100 1979 MP3474 microvision (7)Microvision cartridge: Vegas Slots
TMS1100 1979 MP3475 microvision (9)Microvision cartridge: Bowling
TMS1100 1979 MP3476 Milton Bradley Super Simon
TMS1100 1980 MP3479 microvision (3)Microvision cartridge: Baseball
TMS1100 1979 MP3481 microvision (12)Microvision cartridge: Connect Four
TMS1100 1980 MP3489 Kenner Live Action Football
TMS1100 1979 MP3491 Mattel Thoroughbred Horse Race Analyzer
TMS1100 1980 MP3493 Milton Bradley OMNI Entertainment System (1/2)
TMS1100 1980 MP3494 Milton Bradley OMNI Entertainment System (2/2)
TMS1100 1980 MP3496 microvision (4)Microvision cartridge: Sea Duel
TMS1100 1981 M34009 microvision (11)Microvision cartridge: Alien Raiders (note: MP3498 MP3499 M3400x..)
TMS1100 1980 @M34012 Mattel Dungeons & Dragons - Computer Labyrinth Game
TMS1100 1981 M34014 Coleco Bowlatronic
TMS1100 1981 M34017 Microvision cartridge: Cosmic Hunter
TMS1100 1981 M34018 Coleco Head to Head: Electronic Boxing
TMS1100 1982 M34038 Parker Brothers Lost Treasure
TMS1100 1982 M34047 Microvision cartridge: Super Blockbuster
TMS1100 1983 M34078A Milton Bradley Electronic Arcade Mania
TMS1100 1985 M34137 Technasonic Weight Talker
TMS1000 1983 MP4486A Vulcan XL 25
TMS0970 1979 MP6061 thermostatTexas Instruments Electronic Digital Thermostat (from patent the one in MAME didn't have a label)
TMS0980 1979 MP6100A Ideal Electronic Detective
TMS0980 1979 MP6101B Parker Brothers Stop Thief
? 1982 MP6354 Tsukuda The Dracula (? note: 40-pin VFD-capable)
? 1983 MP6361 Defender Strikes (? note: VFD-capable)
TMS1400 1980 MP7302 Tiger Deluxe Football with Instant Replay
TMS1400 1982 MP7304 Tiger 7 in 1 Sports Stadium (model 7-555)
TMS1400 1980 MP7313 bankshot 00Parker Brothers Bank Shot
TMS1400 1980 MP7314 Parker Brothers Split Second
TMS1400 1985 MP7324 Tiger K28/Coleco Talking Teacher -> tispeak.cpp
TMS1400 1981 MP7332 Milton Bradley Dark Tower
TMS1400 1981 MP7334 total control 4 00Coleco Total Control 4
TMS1400 1982 MP7351 Parker Brothers Master Merlin
TMS1670 1980 MP7551 Entex Color Football 4 (6009)
TMS1670 1980 MPF553 Gakken/Entex Jackpot: Gin Rummy & Black Jack (6008) (note: assume F to be a misprint)
TMS1670 1981 MP7573 Entex Select-A-Game cartridge: Football 4 -> sag.cpp
TMS2370 1983 M30026 Yaesu FT-757 Display Unit part
TMS2670 1983 M95041 Tsukuda Game Pachinko (have decap missing MCU emulation)
TMS1000 1976 TMS1007 tsi speech 01TSI Speech+ (S14002-A)
TMS1100 1981 CD7282SL Tandy-12 (serial is similar to TI Speak & Spell series)
TMS3615NS 1981  

tms 3615 solton s20 organOctave Multiple Tone Synthesizer 2 footage ( Italy )

TMS3617NS 1983 Octave Multiple Tone Synthesizer 6 footage ( Italy )
TMS3834NL 1976   Display clock with multiplexer nixie (Nuova Elettronica N° 45/46) with VFD ( N° 50/51)
TMS3874NL 1980   Display clock with multiplexer led (Nuova Elettronica N° 74)