TIPC 00lib the professional computerModel: Professional Computer (PC)  Color Version   
Adapter: 110 volt or 220 volt (Italy)
Year: 1983
Keyboard: QWERTY full-stroke keyboard with arrow keys and separated numeric keypad
Cpu: Intel 8086 Speed: 5 mhz CO-processor: 8087 Ram: 64k (up to 768k) Sound: Beeper
Text mode: 80 x 25 Graphics mode: 720 x 300 
Size - Weight: 47 x 42 x 19 cm / 12 kg with monochrome monitor / 14 kg with the color monitor
I/O ports: Parallel/Centronics port, 5 expansion slots (non IBM compatible), 4 x serial ports
Media: two 5''1/4 disk-drive (320k) OS: MS-DOS 2.1 CP/M 86, UCSD P-system, Prologue and Concurrent CP/M 86.
Peripherals: 10Mb or 20Mb hard-drive ( need interface), RAM expansion cards, Voice recognition card, Ethernet card.
Price: 64k model about 3000$ (USA, november 1983) / 64k model : £ 4.000.000  (Italy, 1985)
The TIPC is very similar to the IBM PC both architecturally and from a user-experience perspective, with some technically superior aspects.It is based on the Intel 8088 CPU and an optional Intel 8087 floating point coprocessor. It supports MS-DOS compatible operating systems,but is not a fully IBM PCcompatible computer. Alternative operating systems are CP/M-86, Concurrent CP/M-86, and the UCSD p-System. The TIPC was reviewed in Byte magazine in its December 1983 issue. The CPU clocked at 5 MHz (a bit faster than the 4.77 MHz of the IBM PC) and has 64 KB of RAM pre-installed. A RAM board can be installed in an expansion slot providing an additional 192 KB or RAM, for a maximum of 256 KB. A later version supports up to 768 KB of total memory. The computer featured 5 expansion slots and has either a 12-inch green-phosphor monochrome (CRT) monitor or a 12-inch color monitor with a color graphics resolution of 720x300 pixels. For text, the display shows 25 lines of 80 columns each. The device has a 5¼-inch floppy disk drive and can support a second floppy drive or a "Winchester" hard drive without requiring the use of an expansion slot or separate chassis, and typically features one of each. 

tipc 00

 tipc 03tipc 02




Wikipedia TIPC


tipc 00

tipc 04For this TIPC we used a Seagate ST225 (20 mByte) to be formatted with option 4 (miniscribe 3425). One thing that takes you back in time is the wship.com command from DOS 2.13 that allows you to park the HD heads.



tipc 05 As for the floppy we used this 360 kByte y53, as we have to repair the original one.tipc 06




 lib ms dos operatinglib ms basiclib lotus






lib getting start

 lib half eight controllerlib graphics video controllerlib expansion ramlib etherlinklib diagnosticlib color display unit




lib winchester disk controllerlib the time spectrumlib the ram packlib business rom upgrade

 lib ti speech phone manager guide




Hardware Interface


Model: Expansion RAM Card assy: 2234243-0001   


 expansion ram 02


Model: Expander Card Second Source Mod.1000



Model: Second Source Mod. SP1100

Info: This board is mounted in sandwich on the expander board, battery is BR2325



Model: Monochrome Graphics Video Controller assy:2232445-001  


graphics video controller

Model: Color Graphics Video Controller assy:2232435-000 

InfoFor monochromatic operation, only the monochromatic card is used; to have the color function it is necessary to insert the color card sandwiched on the monochromatic card. 


 graphics video controller 02



 Model: IBM Graphics Emulator   


 graphics video controller 02


 Model: The time Spectrume multifunction Board   


 graphics video controller 02



 Model: TI speech Phone Manager   


graphics video controller




 ti speech phone manager 04graphics video controller 02





Model: Winchester Controller   


 graphics video controller 02


Model: Memory and clock assy: 2245876    
Info: There is also a memory upgrade daughter board (256K Secondary Multi-Function Kit assy:2245895) 





 Model: Unidentified card  





Model: Async Card   
Info: I'm not sure if it can be used with the TIPC



Model: Communication Card   
Info: I'm not sure if it can be used with the TIPC