2600 darht vaderThe Atari 2600 hardware was based on the MOS Technology 6507 chip, offering a maximum resolution of 160 x 192 pixels (NTSC), 128 colors, 128 bytes of RAM with 4 kB on cartridges (64 kB via bank switching). The design experienced many makeovers and revisions during its 14-year production history, from the original "heavy sixer" to the Atari 2600 Jr. at the end. The system also has many controllers and third-party peripherals.

2600 darht vader allan acornGreat success of the event, which took place in Rome in 2019, with the name of VCFI (Vintage Computer Festival Italia). On this occasion we had the opportunity to host many characters from this fantastic world, including the famous Allen Acorn, of which we had the opportunity to meet him and get us to sign a console! 

WIKEPEDIA Atari 2600