cambridge z88 00The Cambridge Z88 is a portable computer designed by Clive Sinclair and marketed by Cambridge Computerscambridge z88 01 Ltd. since 1988 .  It is a laptop based on the Zilog Z80A microprocessor operating at 3.28 MHz . Power is supplied by common AA batteries which guarantee a maximum autonomy of 20 hours. cambridge z88 02



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sinclair black watch 02The Black Watch is an electronic wristwatch launched in September 1975 by Sinclair Radionics. It cost £24.95 ready-built, but was also available for £17.95sinclair black watch 01, as a kit.[These prices are equivalent to around £190 and £140 respectively in 2021, when adjusted for inflation.

The Black Watch was supplied with a plastic band as standard, with a black stainless steel bracelet available as an extra at £2.00.



 sinclair black watch 03I'm a fan of watches especially Texas Instruments, but when I come across watches like this 1975 Sinclair black watch I don't let it get away. Unfortunately he had problems with corrosion from the usual button cell batteries.

I solved, as often happens with objects with corroded pcb, to use 0.03 mm copper sheets. You have to clean up the damaged part and copy the part ofsinclair black watch 04 the PCB to be reproduced on a transparent sheet, copy it on the copper sheet and cut it.

 sinclair black watch 00Then glue the pcb reproduced with silicone or with glue for gold leaf, I prefer the latter. Put it all together and you're done.sinclair black watch 05




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ql sinclair 01ql sinclair 00ql sinclairThe Sinclair QL (for Quantum Leap) is a personal computer launched by Sinclair Research in 1984, as an upper-end counterpart to the ZX Spectrum.

The QL was aimed at the serious home user and professional and executive users markets from small to medium-sized businesses and higher educational establishments, but failed to achieve commercial success.

While the ZX Spectrum has an 8-bit Zilog Z80 as the CPU, the QL uses a Motorola 68008. The 68008 is a member of the Motorola 68000 family with 32-bit internal data registers, but an 8-bit external data bus. 


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Power-on problem: White screen, possible faulty RAM memory.

ql 02

ql 01I recommend installing the "Minerva" eprom, FW developed to give a new basic, but above all to help turn on the QL. Remove the two original EPROMs and insert the socket with the new EPROM.

                                                        Wikipedia Minerva 



ql 00in case of error a screen like this will appear. This window tells us that the first line is the value that is written to RAM, the second line is the read value, the third is the memory address.



ql 03ql 00

In this case, a little program developed by XAD at this address comes to our aid:
We enter the data and we will have an indication of the faulty RAM. In our case the U4.


IF < $30000 (ADDRESS) = IC8  ,IC7  ,IC6  ,IC5  ,IC4  ,IC3  ,IC2  ,IC1

IF > $30000 (ADDRESS) = IC16 ,IC15 ,IC14 ,IC13 ,IC12 ,IC11 ,IC10 ,IC9

IF > $40000 Faulty ram is in expansion memory.


ql 04ql 05

 Here we can see the operation after the repair.ql 06