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    • Aquarius is a home computer designed by Radofin and released by Mattel Electronics in 1983. Based on the Zilog Z80 microprocessor, the system has a rubber chiclet keyboard, 4K of RAM, and a subset of Microsoft BASIC in ROM. It connects to a television set for audiovisual output, and uses a cassette tape recorder for secondary data storage. A limited number of peripherals, such as a 40-column thermal printer, a 4-color printer/plotter, and a 300 baud modem, were released. The Aquarius was discontinued in October 1983, only a few months after it was 

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aquarius 01aquarius 02Object is a memory and program cartridge expansion unit and 2 game controllers for the Aquarius home computer system in original system box. Game controllers in original plastic; mini expander has been used; original Styrofoam packing in place. Year 1983




Model: Aquarius   
Adapter: Non-removable external power supply hard-wired into case providing 8.8 / 16 / -19 VDC
Year: 1983
Keyboard: 48-key rubber chiclet keyboard
Cpu: Zilog Z80 Speed: 3,5 mhz CO-processor: x Ram: 4k (expandable to 36k) Sound: One voice, expandable to four voices
Display: 80x72 semigraphics in 16 colors (TEA1002 chip, 40x24 text characters - with a 25th "zero" row at top - with a size of 8x8 pixels, equivalent to 320 x 192 pixels) 
Size - Weight: 34,5 (W) x 15 (D) x 5,5 (H) cm.
I/O ports: Television, cartridge/expansion, tape recorder, printer
Media: OS:
Aquarius Basic
Peripherals: Mini expander, Data recorder, Thermal Printer, color printer, Modem, 4K RAM, Quick Disk, 32k RAM, Micro expander
Price: 49.90 $ (1984)