compucorp 324gModel: 324G Programable (two 80-step memories).
Battery:  4 x D cell rechargeable

Adapter:  3490059 6.5V DC
Year: 1973
Chip: Board 1) Texas Instruments TMC 1864NC, TMC 1871NC, General  Instruments 8KR029, 8KR03A, Intel 4x 2102, AMD 3x 93L0059X. Board 2) Texas  Instruments TMC 1866MC, TMC 1867NC, TMC 1870, TMC 1872NC. Board 3) Texas Instruments TMC 1869NC, TMC 1884NC.
Info: The Compucorp 324G could be called the best engineered calculator of its time. Introduced in the year 1972 the 300-line from Computer Design Corporation (CDC) were far ahead of their time. CDC, Los Angeles designed an universal data-processor with external ROM's for the operating system and mathematical functions and external RAM for data- and program-storage. Made in USA